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IMAPS Poland 2021 conference
with participation of IMAPS Hungary

The 44th IMAPS Poland conference was held online between the 18-22th of April, 2021. As a long-time tradition, our department, BME ETT also participated.

The articles of ETT researchers were presented by Balázs Illés, Attila Géczy (who is the president of IMAPS-Hungary) and Dániel Straubinger.

The conferene was organized by IMAPS Poland Chapter and Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, Kraków Division, the Center of Hybrid Microelectronics and LTCC. Along with Olivér Krammer, our team strongly participated in the review process and served as chairmen during the sessions.

Our papers:

Mohamed Amine Alaya, Egon Rozs, David Busek, Balázs Illés, Attila Géczy: "Investigating the application of flow and gauge pressure sensors in industrial vapour phase soldering"

Balázs Illés, Richárd Szilágyi, Bálint Medgyes, Attila Géczy : "Numerical simulation of electrochemical migration of Ag in contaminant-free electrolyte"

Dániel Straubinger, Attila Tóth, Viktor Kerek, András Szabó, Attila Géczy: "Investigating solder beading phenomenon under surface-mounted electrolytic capacitors"

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