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The Department of Electronics Technology was established in 1964 to teach and research the different fields of materials science, physical design and technology for the benefit of the electronics industry. The Department makes efforts to be an efficient partner of the industry in supplying skilful engineers, organising postgraduate courses and training, carrying out research and development projects; and providing solutions of different topics of microelectronics and technology.

In the field of education our mission is to teach the knowledge of technology for students of electrical engineering and technical informatics. Since electronics technology is the knowledge associated with or applied to the realisation of electronic components, circuits and systems, and seeing that today's electronics is microelectronics, the Department has directed its energies towards the education of microelectronics packaging and interconnection technology, including printed wiring board technology; thin and thick films; hybrid circuits; multichip modules; component assembly; encapsulation techniques and thermal management; sensors, actuators and displays; laser technology; reliability and quality management; computer aided design and manufacturing; computer integrated manufacturing and production control.

In the field of research the Department of Electronics Technology puts special emphasis on the interconnection and packaging technology of microelectronics circuit modules and systems, which acts as a driving engine for continued progress in electronics in the third millennium.

The fundamental roles of the Department are:
- providing experts with thorough and solid knowledge of electronics manufacturing and production informatics
- keeping education materials up-to-date by integrating rapidly changing technological know-how
- occupying undergraduate students with practical, project oriented topics
- taking part in solving technological problems and
- educating professional industrial specialists.

Several members of the Department take part in the work of the Committee on Electronic Devices and Technologies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA-EETB).


Our previous heads:
Richárd Kolos
István Bede
András Ambrózy
Emil Hahn
Imre Mojzes
Zsolt Illyefalvi-Vitéz
Gábor Harsányi
Our first laboratories in Building R - Room 109. (1964.)
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